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Professional Lens Cleaning Pens

Professional Lens Cleaning Pens

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Key Features
  • Small Lightweight Device
  • Felt Pad Cleans Smudges and Fingerprints
  • Retractable Brush Cleans Dust
  • Non-Liquid Compound Cuts Static Charges
  • Compound Does Not Spill
  • No Need to Refill Pen
  • Protective End Caps

The Professional Lens Cleaning Pen is a small lightweight device used to remove smudges and fingerprints from rifle scopes, lenses, binoculars, and other optical devices, via the felt pad and brush.

The felt pad has a non-liquid compound, which does not spill or need to be refilled. The pad reduces static charges on glass and the retractable natural hair brush removes excess dust. Two protective caps are included for the felt pad and brush when the pen is not in use.

  • Felt pad cleans and reduces static charges on optical glass
  • Retractable brush cleans excess dust
  • Small and lightweight device

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